Hugo Construction talked me through the whole process and I felt really comfortable with it. I asked really silly questions which Andy answered perfectly (without laughing). He told me not to worry, he told me he’d take care of it all. And that he did! Above & Beyond. Contracts signed, staged payments agreed, everything covered!

The lorry arrived – the ground works were done, the foundations were filled, building control arrived, the frame went up, the roof went on! All without a hitch…. My house remained as was – no effect on my life at all

Everyday the Hugo guys arrived 7.20am without fail, every single day come rain, hail or shine!

Any issues or questions I had were talked about each morning. Andy and the guys made it so simple for me because they always told me the evening before what would happen the next day and who would be there the next day.  I was kept informed throughout the whole process.

I left home every morning at 8.30am and went to work. When I got home 5.30the guys had locked up and everything  was spic and span – bloody amazing! And progress was rapid, really rapid. Always OVERACHIEVING!

I would recommend them very highly.

Clare Morfin